• Discs, discs and more discs

    Our members are happy to try out new discs.

    form training and finding the right discs to start strong into the new season.

    Have fun!!!!!

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  • 2nd Place finish in the 2021 WalkieCup!

    Luke showing off his fancy new silver medal from the 2021 WalkieCup! We are proud of you buddy, keep it up!

  • 2021 Wintertour #2 Kreuzlingen

    Congratulations to Tony Ferro for the CTP. Somebody was happy about it 🙂

    Tony Ferro won his category MPO. Iris Beyeler and Luke Ferro took 2nd in their categories.

    Looking forward to the next stop on the Wintertour with more DDGC members present.

  • 2021 Wintertour #1 in Grüzefeld

    It was a great first Wintertour event!

    Congratulations to our DDGC Members!!!

    Luke Ferro , taking home the MJ18 victory and Yanis Spielmann in 3rd place. Tony Ferro took 1st place in Open and Iris Beyeler 2nd place in FPO.

  • 2nd place Swisstour 2021 for our junior
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